Wheel throwing in the work shop, 2016, courtesy of Kil.n.it

CLAY HARD PLAY HARD with Kil.n.it experimental ceramics studio inc.

Kil.n.it is a not-for-profit cultural organisation providing workshop space, firings and classes to those with an explorative attitude to ceramics. The studio emerged in response to the increasing popularity of ceramics as an artistic medium and creative practice. They exist to support all artists, the community and those with dreams involving clay.

Join Kil.n.it on the night of Thursday 17 October, for the chance to check out the infamous 60s motel styled old nurses’ quarter that is now the home to the small ceramic community in Glebe. Get a glimpse of the artist’s studio as they open up their doors, there will be a live demo, and one-night exhibition of CLAY HARD PLAY HARD curated by one of the studio artist EJ Son. There will be live music, food, drinks and don’t forget to bring a bring cloths to wrap your new ceramic treasure!

Details: Craft Up Late: Thursday 17 October, 6pm – 9pm


Images: Kil.n.it veranda, 2016. Photo courtesy of Kil.n.it; Wheel throwing in the work shop, 2016. Photo courtesy of Kil.n.it