Twistie light Pam de Groot

Dialogue with Designers

Based in their new gallery, craftNSW (also known as The Society of Arts and Crafts of New South Wales) is launching a series of events in conjunction with Sydney Craft Week. Dialogue with Designers will give you the chance to explore new crafts, kickstart your creative juices and learn from the best in the craft scene about design and innovation. You will meet with designers of fine jewellery, weavers, ceramicists, eco-dyers, felt makers, glass makers, basketry exponents, bark painters, shibori artists and more. The artists will take you on a tour of their craft, explaining the design process, what motivates them, where they find inspiration, which materials they use and what sustains them through the creative process. While visiting, take time to look around the gallery/art space: the work in front of you is all handmade and staff will be only too happy to describe what it takes to make these unique pieces.

Details: Tuesday 9 October – Saturday 13 October

Images: Pam de Groot, Twistie light. Photo: Courtesy craftNSW; Jo Ann Hopkins. Photo: Courtesy craftNSW