Natalie Rosin, Sydney Entertainment Centre, 2020

Endangered + Extinct: Natalie Rosin

Online Exhibition

Endangered + Extinct is an exhibition of ceramic sculptures exploring the form and design of buildings. These buildings are either under threat of demolition or have been demolished. Though varied in architectural style, period, function and location, all have in common the individuals and groups who want to maintain their existence or lament their loss. The exhibition's aim is to explore why certain buildings generate so much love, controversy, community support and interest.

The exhibition closed early at the end of June due to the lockdown but is available to view on the ADC website.


Exhibition, architecture, design, ceramics

Natalie Rosin Portrait

Natalie Rosin, Portrait. Photo: Flore Vallery Radot

Top Images L-R: Natalie Rosin, Pyrmont Incinerator, 2020; Sydney Entertainment Centre, 2020. Photos: Courtesy of the Artist.