Makerspace, Creative Collage Class, 2022

Festival of Upcycling!

Join us for a series of six different workshops that focus on taking something destined for landfill or the oceans and learn to create something wonderful out of it. Something for everyone incorporating mindful making practices to help with your emotional well-being. All while saving the planet!

Engaging makers from our local community, including the ReMade team ultilising MakerSpace & Co's plastics lab to make cool stools from recycled milk bottle lids and a workshop on upcycling furniture; MakerSpace & Co's very own Art Therapist, Zoey Nigbur, presenting a series of workshops using recycled materials focusing on mindful making and improved well-being, and Nadine Sharpe hosting a Wine & Design class making jewellery from found objects.

Details: Workshops from Friday 7 October, see website for event details and bookings


Community, Interactive, Jewellery, Paper craft, Sustainable

Nadine Sharpe, Jewellery from Found Objects, 2022. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist

Top Images (l-r): MakerSpace Creative Collage Class, 2022. Photo: Zoey Nigbur. Zoey Nigbur, Creative Collage, 2022. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist.