Marcia Swaby, Flux, 2021.


Online Exhibition

Craftsmanship values the transformative power of craft practice - the poetic processing of materials and tools interacting with the hand, the heart, the eye and the mind. Writer Richard Sennet, drawing on ancient thought, describes the act of crafting an object as knowing through the hand. This is not a cold process but rather a personal, emotional, aesthetic, tangible knowing - in flux.

Our contribution to Sydney Craft Week will record this process of transformation as a series of moving images:

● the saw as it pierces the metal, drawing line and shape

● the hammer as it textures surface and brings ‘colour’ and dimension

● the alchemical use of wax and heat that gives birth to form

Collectively, these three transformative activities (saw piercing, texturing and casting) will culminate in the development of a piece of contemporary jewellery in metal by the Windowsmiths artists.

Exhibition can also be viewed at FTanner Baker Window Gallery, 60 Evans Street, Rozelle from 6pm nightly.

Jewellery, Metalwork, Technology

Windowsmiths, 2021. Photo: Courtesy Windowsmiths.

Fiona Meller, Flux, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist.