Map Fold Neckpieces, 2018

Full Circle

Creating at the nexus of art and science STEAMpop and paper artist Lisa Giles returns to Sydney Craft Week with an engaging experience combining paper folding with sustainability.

Full Circle: The circle is our starting point from where we transform everyday materials through folding and patterning to form beautiful objects to wear and hold.

Here we treat the circle as a metaphor for unity and rebirth, exploring its geometry and application in art and design.

In this workshop participants will discover some interesting facts about circles and select/ make a variety of circles using recycled papers. These might be patterned or textured. The circles will be folded using the Turkish Map and related folds joining individual elements to make unique wearables or small sculptures.

Details: Tuesday 11 October, 6 – 7.30pm, see website for event bookings

Booking link: full-circle-tickets

Workshop, Craft Up Late

Community, Paper Craft, Sculpture, Sustainable

Lisa Giles, Black and White Neckpiece, 2018. Photo: Courtesy of STEAMpop.

Top Images (l-r): Turkish Fold Small Sculpture, 2018. Photo: STEAMpop. Map Fold Neckpieces, 2018. Photo: STEAMpop.