MakerSpace Ceramics

The MakerSpace & Co. Makers Conference

Makers Conference will be a weekend packed full of opportunities to connect with, be inspired by and learn from successful Inner West artists, as well as the experts who help small creatives develop and promote their brand.

The aim is to inspire, to motivate and most importantly, to arm small creatives with tools that will help them get started, keep going and grow their creative practice.

The 2-day program will be a combination of panel discussions/Q&A sessions, informative workshops, practical workshops and networking opportunities. Elements of the series will also be available online, and participants will have access to closed online discussion groups to continue to connect, learn and support each other post conference.

The aim of the conference is to be affordable to small makers and will consist of free and low-cost elements.

We will also be exhibiting the artists of MakerSpace, which will include a pop-up store.

Details: Saturday 10 October – Sunday 11 October, check website for event times; Craft Up Late: Thursday 15 October, 5 – 8pm

Exhibition, Talk, Workshop, Retail Event, Online/Digital Project, Craft Up Late

Change Makers, Community, Educational, Free event, Interactive

Images: MakerSpace & Co workshop; MakerSpace & Co ceramics. Images courtesy of MakerSpace & Co