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Mobifold: Playing with flexible forms by STEAMpop

STEAMpop and creative collaborator Lisa Giles continue to explore the beauty of mathematical ideas and forms in paper.

Following on from Lumifold and Playfold, this year the team will be providing participants the opportunity to play with the mysterious Möbius Strip. The Möbius Strip is a looped surface with a single side and single edge. It can be created by taking a strip of paper, giving it an odd number of half-twists, then re-joining the ends back together to form a loop. Using beautiful patterned papers and adding your own designs you will be able to twist, turn and fold a flat surface into small sculptures or unique wearables. This flat-to-form experience is a playful exploration of surface, form and space.

In order to keep this event COVID-safe there will be 2 workshops with a maximum of 9 participants per workshop. Each participant will receive their own materials and will be seated 1.5 metres apart.

Details: Craft Up Late: Tuesday 13 October, 5 – 6pm; 6:30 – 7:30pm; Bookings:

Workshop, Craft Up Late

Educational, Family/child-friendly, Jewellery, Paper craft, Sculpture

Images: Mobifold 1, 2020; Mobifold 2, 2020. Images courtesy of STEAMpop