Gretal Ferguson, Nailed Down, 2021

Placeholders: Gretal Ferguson and Studio Dhokra: Sarra Tzijan

Placeholders: Gretal Ferguson

An exhibition of hand-crafted metal objects, Placeholders explores what happens when the intrinsic value of an object’s material is seen to be more valuable than the centuries of tradition involved in its creation.
Throughout history metalwork has been melted down to create new objects or hoarded in bank vaults, disregarding the original craftsperson’s hand, most only seeing value in the material itself. Yet as fewer artisans carry on these skills and traditions, we are in danger of losing the craft completely.

Studio Dhokra: Sarra Tzijan

Drawing on her Indian-Australian heritage, Sarra’s practice looks deeply into belonging, cultural displacement and colonisation.
Adopting a disciplinary and collaborative approach, her work is driven by community and connection with a practice stemming from foundations in metalwork and including a variety of materials determined by her forever-changing immediate environment. In prioritising relationships, the outcome or work is the bi-product of Sarra’s time spent with people and places.

Details: Wednesday 21 September – Saturday 15 October, Wednesdays – Saturdays, 11am – 6pm; Craft Up Late: Tuesday 11 October, 5 – 8pm


Glass, Installation, Metalwork, Sculpture

Sarra Tzijan, Vessels Village: Vessel No, 6, No. 7 and No. 8, 2021. Photo: Grant Hancock

Top Images (l-r): Sarra Tzijan, Village Vessel No 13, 2021. Photo: Grant Hancock. Gretal Ferguson, Nailed Down, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist.