Melanie Ihnen at the bench (detail), 2019. Photo: Jennifer Fahey

Re play by Melanie Ihnen and Jennifer Fahey

Re play is visual documentation of Melanie Ihnen and Jennifer Fahey enjoying the process of crafting and playing in the jewellery studio. Over two months, they will share via video and images the crafting of a new piece or small series of handmade jewels. Follow the process via social media and then view these finished works in their showcase exhibition.

Melanie Ihnen says: “I’ve always been inspired by the outcomes achieved in my practice when I allow myself the freedom and time to play. Time without overthinking and having specific outcomes. I especially enjoy making one-off pieces. Creating and working with the shapes and forms of the materials on hand, the offcuts and components discarded from previous ideas and projects. The opportunity to minimise the need to purchase new materials and to recycle and reuse what I already have. Crafting for the sake of crafting.”

Jennifer Fahey says: “Like many craftspeople, I have an eclectic range of objects that I imagine could become jewellery. The theme of Sydney Craft Week ‘Play’ provides the perfect opportunity to rediscover these items. I am inspired by the thought of having fun with them and seeing what eventuates.”

Details: Thursday 10 October – Saturday 19 October

Images: Jennifer Fahey, glitter pods large size. Photo courtesy of the artist; Melanie Ihnen at the bench, 2019. Photo: Jennifer Fahey