Gerry King - Virtual Vessel - 2021

Reflexion by Gerry King

Reflexion by Gerry King

In Reflexion, Gerry King reflects upon the interplay between what we see and understand in the natural world and how that can be abstracted to colour and form which provokes the emotive response using his chosen medium of glass. Gerry is steered to reflect upon making works that hint at the fine line between reality and the elements with which it is structured. These works seek to be on the cusp of realism.

Chiaroscuro by Maricelle Olivier

Also exhibiting will be Maricelle Olivier with her solo exhibition Chiaroscuro – this is following on from her sell out 2021 exhibition Technicolour Desert. In this exhibition Maricelle explores drawing and painting on the surface of her hand built forms, creating dark (chiaro) and light (scuro) with underglaze painting, tinted slip and slip lines. She divides the forms up into parts and explores the tones of a single colour, dramatizing the interplay between dark and light tones.

Details: Wednesday 5 October – Saturday 29 October, 11am – 6pm (closed Sundays and Mondays); Craft Up Late: Tuesday 11 October, 5 – 8pm


Ceramics, Free event, Glass, Sculpture, Craft Up Late

Top Images (l-r): Maricelle Olivier, Burnt, 2021. Photo: Sabbia Gallery. Gerry King, Departure II (detail), 2021. Photo: Sabbia Gallery.