Sam Mackie Site Map 2019

Rekindled at Saint Cloche Upstairs

An exhibition by four artists unearthing sentiments from lost eras, cascading reminiscences in paper, pigment and rediscovered remnants. With stories, symbols and snippets from the past, the artists connect and create work to express memories and sentiments in new mediums. Translating their collective nostalgia into contemporary pieces using experimental techniques: Samantha Mackie uses paper, collected treasures and photography to create poignant installations; Colleen Southwell is a paper artist constructing intricate and storytelling botanical sculptures; Jane Gerrish works evocative imagery in saturated pencil on paper; Ingrid Bowen uses ink and family heirlooms to depict forgotten personal landscapes.

Saint Cloche Upstairs is a gallery and project space, where the artists will be hosting talks, sharing their processes and presenting their work in person. Saturday 19 October at 2pm everyone is welcome to meet the artists for drinks on the balcony. See processes and hear insights on developing a narrative using remnants and research to construct contemporary creative works, reimagining old into new.

Details: Exhibition: Friday 18 October – Sunday 27 October; Meet the Artists: Saturday 19 October, 2pm                                   

Images: Colleen Southwell, Flora Felicitas, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist; Sam Mackie, Site Map, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist