So Creative Space, Installation2 (detail), 2021.


Outdoor Installation

The Australian wedding industry generates over $2 billion annually. 116,000 weddings are held per year, with many costing in excess of $20,000 and producing 127kg of waste.
Beautiful fresh flowers fill every table at most weddings and events. But what happens to them after everyone heads home for the night? Sadly, they are tossed into the garbage.

Jamie Lee, a floral designer from So Creative Space has diverted floral waste from landfill to create this installation. Her floral installation includes flowers that were collected after these events, preserved and dried to repurpose. Take a moment to embrace an abundance of flowers that would otherwise end up being tomorrow’s trash.

Details: The installation can be viewed at North Sydney Community Centre. For more information:

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Images: So Creative Space, Installation - North Sydney Community Centre, 2021. Photo: Jamie Lee