Nicole Ellis, Off-White  Purple Swatch, 2020

Second Look: handmade textiles exhibition

Window Gallery Exhibition

Second Look exhibition reflects on how handmade textiles are collected, valued, cherished, loved, treasured and used by makers. Some exhibitors have saved, stored, cared for and archived pieces made in the past and are presenting them for a second time. Others have reworked existing textiles into new works by recolouring, stitching, piecing, collaging, re-weaving and other techniques re-contextualising them into new works, creating pieces full of memory with traces of use, history and a past life. All exhibitors value their materials, the hand made and in this exhibition are giving textiles a new life, a second look. The exhibition includes works created by basketry, collage, embroidery, knitting, printing, weaving, natural dye and Shibori techniques.

Second Look
includes works by Jane Bodnaruk, Alana Clifton, Vita Cochran, Ro Cook, Nicole Ellis, Vivien Haley, Cecilia Heffer, Michele Elliot, Chris Hutch, Judith Kentish, Brenda Livermore, Christina Newberry, Barbara Rogers, Julie Ryder, John Parkes, Emma Peters, Liz Williamson and Melinda Young.

Details: Exhibition can be viewed through gallery windows.

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Exhibition, free event, fibre arts, installation, textiles

Top Images L-R: Barbara Rogers, Grid, 2011. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist. Nicole Ellis, Off-White Purple Swatch, 2020. Photo: Nicole Ellis.