Tracy Dickason Evolve

Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards

Presenting outstanding work by contemporary NSW textile artists, this exhibition is produced by ADC in partnership with the Seed Stitch Collective (SSC). The award is an open call-out to textile-oriented artists, designers and crafts-people to create an open arena of opportunity, and to uncover the diverse range of textile artists in NSW. The Seed Stitch Collective is Soraya Abidin, Sky Carter, Suzanne Davey, Niki McDonald, Emma Peters and Kylie Walsh. As part of the exhibition program, a number of associated events will be held, including “Meet the Seed Stitch Collective” on 12 September, and workshops “Playing with Creativity” with Niki McDonald, “Poke and Stitch: Tattooing Cloth” with Emma Peters and “Weave Your Love” with Sky Carter in October.


Details:  5 October – 14 November, Opening hours 11am – 4pm Tuesday to Saturday; Panel and Workshop bookings: Australian Design Centre on Eventbrite.

Images: The Seed Stitch Collective, 2018. Photo: Hannah Morgan; Tracy Dickason, Evolve. Photo: Courtesy The Seed Stitch Collective