CWiltshier, mistake Making Station, participants work installed 2019

Sensational Play – [Mistake] Making Station

Pop into Gallery76, Sydney’s only textile art gallery, to enjoy our current exhibition Sensations and the freedom of play of artist Christine Wiltshire’s [Mistake] Making Station. In this participatory artwork, the gallery becomes both studio and exhibition space as Christine invites knitters, non-knitters and fellow mistake makers to join her in experimenting with the generative potential of the mistakes made during the knitting process.

Christine will be holding knitting sessions in which you can play with errors and different textual forms of wool, silk and paper yarn while learning how to knit, remembering how to knit, experimenting with alternative forms of pattern construction and improvisational knitting. Whether you’re a pro-knitter who can knit-one, perl-one, drop-one with their eyes closed, or just an enthusiast who has never picked up a pair of knitting needles in their life, this Craft Up Late is for you!

Details: Opening exhibition: Wednesday 2 October, 6pm; Exhibition: Thursday 3 October – Wednesday 30 October; Craft Up Late: Thursday 17 October, 5pm – 8pm

Images: C Wiltshier, Remembering How, Knit and Material Play Mistake Making Station, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist; C Wiltshier, mistake Making Station, participants work installed, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist