Svetlana Panov,  Sculpture 1 (2019) Ceramic

The Song Tree and Svetlana Panov Ceramics

Two exhibitions will be shown in two gallery spaces. ‘The Song Tree’ exhibition is an installation resulting from a series of workshops led by artist Michelle Belgiorno at Casula Powerhouse. Participants have shared their memories of childhood songs, lullabies and nursery rhymes and each created leaves for the Song Tree. The workshops explored the similarities and differences of childhoods spent around the world through an embroidery project that celebrates the diversity of Liverpool residents.

'Pure Joy' is a solo exhibition featuring work by local artist Svetlana Panov who creates her work in the ceramic studios at Casula Powerhouse.

Details: Saturday 21 September – Sunday 27 October; Launch event for both exhibitions: 21 September at 2pm

Images: Michelle Belgiorno. Courtesy of Casual Powerhouse; Svetlana Panov, Sculpture 1, 2019. Courtesy of Casual Powerhouse