Stellar Lumi, STEAMPOP

Stellar Lumi by STEAMpop

STEAMpop brings you an experience of light and wonder during Sydney Craft Week. Transform a flat piece of paper into a three-dimensional form to produce a beautiful lamp in this unique workshop. Use your thinking hands to explore mathematical concepts, biomimicry and the art of folding. Participants will create a stunning lamp using pre-scored templates. Stellar Lumi is a new variation in the Lumifold range. Folding the template provides an easy way to create an illuminated pentagram, or five-pointed star. When lit, Stellar Lumi participants will enjoy a crafty constellation and a joyful experience.

Details: Tuesday 9 October, 6pm - 8pm; Bookings:; Cost: $30+GST

Images: STEAMpop, Stellar Lumi 1. STEAMpop; STEAMpop, Stellar Lumi 2. STEAMpop