The Creek, 2019, folded glass, photographic image, wall shelf

Still, Like Water by Kirstie Rea

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present this beautiful solo exhibition by internationally recognised Australian artist Kirstie Rea. Kirstie has been practising for thirty years, she has exhibited internationally and her work is held in some of the world’s most important art glass collections.

“I walk to stop, to be still. A fluid stillness that plants my feet and they consider growing roots, a momentary transplant. Between clouds, trees, boulders and a creek in a valley the fragility of moments becomes transparent. This body of work explores the sculptural possibilities of a sheet of glass, heat and gravity alongside fragments of photographic imagery. Each work an abstraction of place, time, light and longing.” Kirstie Rea, July 2019

Details: Tuesday 1 October – Saturday 26 October

Image: Kirstie Rea at the Canberra Glassworks. Photo courtesy of the artist; Kirstie Rea, The Creek, 2019, folded glass, photographic image, wall shelf. Photo courtesy of Sabbia Gallery