Lunar Dance Catriona Pollard

Surfacing by Catriona Pollard

Celebrated fibre artist, Catriona Pollard’s exhibition Surfacing offers stunning works of sculptural basketry and assemblage works that explore the concept of layers of self and oneness by applying material and techniques to different surfaces.

Catriona uses natural surroundings to inspire her and through the observation and interaction with nature she has developed works that allow colour, texture and organic form to surface.


Catriona Pollard is an accomplished fibre artist specialising in sculptural basketry. Catriona’s unique sculptural work offers glimpses of shapeshifting natural forms, from unnoticed branches, leaves and seedpods into stunning works that celebrate the abundance of nature.


Details: Thursday 27 September – Sunday 21 October 

Images: Catriona Pollard, Dream Our Dream. Photo: Catriona Pollard; Catriona Pollard, Lunar Dance. Photo: Catriona Pollard