Bobbin & Ink, Waste Wear Padded Slippers made from Discarded Textile Waste (top angle)

Waste Wear Workshop

We're turning trash to treasure at Bobbin and Ink! This sewing workshop asks you to think about what waste fundamentally is and what you can do to responsibly repurpose discarded threads and fabric scraps into new textiles and garments. Together we'll push the limits of whether zero waste sewing is an achievable, everyday dream.

Participants in this workshop will choose from one of a handful of simple sewing projects to work on to turn the plentiful thread and fabric remnants from our sewing classes into a wearable garment you can take home.

Details: Workshop Saturday 15 October, see website for further details and bookings; Craft Up Late Thursday 13 October, 5 – 8pm
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Change Maker, Fashion, Fibre Arts, Sustainable, Textiles

Top Images: Padded Slippers Made From Discarded Textile Waste. Photo: Courtesy Bobbin and Ink.