BeachPot1 Beachpot photographer Frances Mahony, Jan 2019

Waverley Council’s Makers Craft + Design Program presents Dip, Roll and Turn

We are all inherently creative, inventive creatures. During the year our pottery students shape and cajole the clay into a variety of forms through intuition and exploration. Many say this, making awakens their senses and expands their feelings of happiness. It’s essential to their well-being. Our makers have a variety of backgrounds, ages and abilities. Many are new to our beachside studio. Some have been attending for much longer. This is our annual exhibition. Come along, see the works, meet the makers and immerse yourself in the sweet hum of our creative community as they celebrate their love of the craft.

Details: Exhibition opening: Wednesday 10 October, 6 – 8pm; Bondi Pavilion Gallery: Tuesday 9 October – Sunday 13 October

Craft Up Late, Wednesday 16 October, 5 – 8pm: Studio tours and free making for all ages in a variety of mediums.


Images:  Anthony, Bowls, 2017. Photo: Frances Mahony; Jozef Blaszczyk, Vessel, 2018. Photo: Frances Mahony