Sarah Norton, Nature's Fabric, 2022

Intuitive Weaving Flow: Fibre Art Making

Sarah Norton takes you on a creative journey where the art of weaving and the practice of deep listening converge, creating a sacred space for connection and creativity.
Through the rhythmic motion of your hands working with nature, you will not only create a series of beautiful sculptural forms but also forge a deep connection with the world around you. Feel the peaceful echo of ancient wisdom reverberate within you, as you weave together mindfulness and craftsmanship.

Covered: foraging, harvesting and preparing for weaving, random weave and basketry techniques. All materials included. No experience needed and lunch included.

Workshop at Green Door Studios Robertson:
Thursday 12 October 10.00am – 4.00pm. Book HERE

Workshop, Live demonstration

Change maker, Fibre arts, Installation, Sculpture, Sustainable

Top images (l-r): Sarah Norton, Heart, 2022. Sarah Norton, Nature's Fabric, 2022. Photos: courtesy the artist.