Art Kintsugi Sydney, Hagar, Photo: Dave Sheerman

Mindful Art Kintsugi Workshops

Kintsugi is a century-old Japanese craft where broken ceramic objects are pieced back together using lacquer and gold dust based on the philosophy of Wabi Sabi finding beauty in imperfection.

Introductory workshops: learn the fundamentals and history of Art Kintsugi method using alternative accessible tools and materials. Upon completion, bring home a piece of your original Kintsugi art.
All tools and materials including ceramic piece to repair will be prepared and provided by us. No experience and art skills are necessary. For ages 18+. Not recommended if you are pregnant.

Introductory workshops will be held at Marrickville and Potts Point studios in collaboration with Reverse Garbage.

Workshops Friday 6 October 10am – 2pm (Potts Point); Sunday 8 October 10am – 2pm (Reverse Garbage); Wednesday 11 October 5.30-9.30pm (Reverse Garbage).
Craft Up Late Thursday 12 October 5pm – 9pm (Monster Mouse Studios), see website for bookings and workshop details


Ceramics, Educational, Interactive, Sustainable

Top images (l-r): Art Kintsugi Workshop. Photo: Daniel G Valero. Hagar, Art Kintsugi . Photo: Dave Sheerman.