Barbara Rogers, Collected Shirts, 2023.

Transform: shirts reimagined

What can be done with a shirt - any old shirt, a white shirt, a discarded, coloured or patterned; a large or small shirt; worn, torn or damaged shirt; plain, frilly or lightweight or heavy. Whatever the shirt was to begin with, these artists have repurposed, transformed, manipulated or recreated a shirt, or a couple of shirts into a new piece, a functional object, recreating a new wearable shirt or predominantly, transforming a shirt into a unique artwork.

Artists have also brought their own interests to the project with concerns or references to sustainability, wellbeing, repurposing, making do and remaking to reimagining an outcome, creating a diverse range of new outcomes.

Artists: Vita Cochran, Michele Elliott, Liz Gemmell, Cecilia Heffer, Christina Newberry, Emma Peters, Barbara Rogers, Jane Theau, Liz Williamson and Melinda Young.

Exhibition Friday 6 October – Sunday 22 October, Wednesdays – Sundays 11am -5pm
Exhibition launch and Artist talks Saturday 7 October 3 - 6pm
Craft Up Late Wednesday 11 October 5pm - 8pm, check website for special event details

Craft Up Late, Exhibition, Talk, Retail Event

Free event, Fashion, Fibre arts, Sustainable, Textiles