Guy Fredericks, Earthen Seed, 2022.

About the Cover

22 August 2022

We commissioned Studio A artist Guy Fredericks to create a work for Sydney Craft Week based on the theme of climate emergency. He created the multimedia work Earthen Seed.

Guy writes about his work

This is a planetary atmospheric seed that harbours life. It harbours life.

The tree is struggling with regrowth, mainly in the canopy.

It’s struggling but it’s not beyond saving and just needs a bit of help from mankind.

The sculptural look of the tree and its branches represents a wide range of tree species. The solitary tree represents the many endangered tree species and deforestation.

I have created two views of the seed. The close-up view shows a mini landscape with lush regrowth, and then there is an almost aerial view, showing our atmosphere and oceans as if we are looking back at our planet from space.

It was definitely important for my artwork to be representative of my love of the planet and sustainability. The main body of the work is made from a recycled papier-mâché balloon, using recycled brown paper and butcher’s paper. The tree is shaped from entwined pieces of repurposed amateur wire. I used recycled fabric for the green growth that represents Hope.

Thank you Guy for being part of Sydney Craft Week 2022.

Guy Fredericks Portrait. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist and Studio A

Guy has worked out of Studio A since 2018 and has exhibited widely in that time, with Sydney Festival at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, Peacock Gallery, Auburn, Sub Base Platypus, North Sydney and Sydney Contemporary. He has also produced commissions for Liberty Speciality Markets, Art Month, Brand X and props for film director Thomas Avery. In 2020 he was awarded the Liberty Speciality Markets Art Award which provided Guy with the funds to engage in a year-long mentorship with artist Laura Jones.

The meticulous, detail-oriented nature of his work is the product of how much Guy loves making art.

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Top Images: Guy Fredericks, Earthen Seed, 2022. Photo: Tse Kin (William) LIU. Courtesy the artist and Studio A.