Introducing SCW 2019 Premium Partner: ClassBento

We are delighted to announce that ClassBento has come on board as a Premium Partner of Sydney Craft Week 2019. ClassBento are Australia's fastest growing online marketplace for art and craft workshops. They are working hard to empower makers to teach their passion and share their incredible skillset with anyone who wants to learn. They connect thousands of students with local artisans and makers who teach creative workshops all across the country. To further introduce ClassBento to you, we have sat down with the co-founder, John Tabari, for a Q&A and got an insight into their crafty business.

What inspired you to start ClassBento?
We’re living in a time where communities are over-connected and this digital dependency is creating isolation and burnout. People actually live in fear of being without a mobile phone (there’s even a name for it: nomophobia). Dementia is one of the greatest social and medical challenges of our generation – I experienced this personally having lost my grandma to Alzheimer’s just before my daughter was born. Tackling these challenges head-on, ClassBento is all about making art and craft workshops more accessible and convenient to everyone, providing a platform for makers to expand their community and make an additional income from teaching their passion. Staying socially and mentally active can reduce the risk of Dementia and burnout, and one of the most rewarding ways to do this is through art and craft workshops. We’re working to improve the wellbeing of Australians by helping them to switch off from their phones, re-connect with their local community, and encourage mindfulness through making. 

Can you tell us more about how ClassBento works? Who can list creative workshops with you?
Makers and artisans from all across Australia can list their workshops on our platform, and we keep our marketplace curated so we can ensure the quality of the classes. We have thousands of people visiting our website every month looking to learn a fun skill or find a new hobby – everyone from corporate teams, to families with kids and retirees. We promote these amazing workshops to our audience and beyond. If you have a passion for making and want to share it with others, head to
Why do you think teaching and taking part in creative classes is so popular right now? 
Not since the 70s has the maker movement had such momentum. This massive environmental push towards sustainability is all about the handmade and minimal impact, so it makes total sense that people are interested in learning how to DIY and upskill at home. Three in four millennials would prefer to purchase an experience over a product, so what we’re seeing is a real trend away from things. This is reflected in some of our most popular crafts classes like candle making, soap making and silversmithing – why buy when you can make! 
Can you share with us some of ClassBento's highlights so far?
After starting out in a small coworking space in Rozelle, Inner West, we’ve grown our community five times in the past year and we’re now across the country. On a more personal level being able to bring art and craft classes into Aged Care facilities has been wonderful to be part of and importantly we donate to Dementia Australia with every booking. It’s our mission to make workshops more accessible and convenient for everyone no matter what age, and we’re working to help reduce the risk of Dementia by encouraging people to stay socially and mentally active. 
Play is the theme for Sydney Craft Week this year. How do you and your teachers encourage play and creative experiences at ClassBento?
I love George Bernard Shaw’s saying: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” When it comes down to it, that’s what we’re trying to do with ClassBento. You’re never too old to learn how to paint or draw, and our workshops are providing safe and inspiring spaces where you can feel comfortable to play, have some fun, and get creative!

Sydney Craft Week Special Offer!
To support Sydney's artisans, ClassBento is running an exclusive offer to waive its commission for workshops during Sydney Craft Week. If you plan to host an event or workshop for the festival, redeem this exclusive offer by 12 June 2019.

For more information on ClassBento, please visit their website. If you are, or if you know of any creatives who have a passion for making and want to share it with others, you can sign up at and join the community today. 

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Images: Courtesy of ClassBento