Made by Me: Journey from Corporate to Craft

Crafting a Creative Life: An exhibition and week of creative workshops

A year ago Rebecca Doyle walked away from a high-pressure, corporate career and embarked on a year of crafting. With an education in Fashion & Textiles Design and a long and varied career in fashion, Rebecca hoped to restore her passion for creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind objects with her own hands. Across the year, she explored a broad range of traditional and innovative craft disciplines. This exhibition is the result of where this path has led and a clear sign of where it is going.

In addition to exhibiting her own work including weaving, copper tooling, resin art, macramé and fibre wrapping, Rebecca will be demonstrating and running workshops - not only to impart her skills and knowledge, but more importantly to share the experience of creating balance through creativity and connection by means of crafting a beautiful object that only you could have made. Participants will take away their unique piece and have the option to attend a week of workshops culminating in a final piece that brings them all together.

Glenn Barkley ceramics. Photo by Leeroy T

Kylie from the Sydney Craft Week team popped in to see the exhibition this week and got chatty with Rebecca, sharing stories about craft and fibre art. (They did first meet in a yarn store, after all!)

How is your event going so far? What has been the response to your exhibition and workshop series?

I am really pleased with how the event has gone so far. My workshops have sold really well and so far and all the feedback I have received has been really positive and encouraging. It is great knowing people appreciate my work and the classes, I feel great about my decision to take this journey and to participate in Sydney Craft Week. 

From one yarn lover to another, what type of fibre art do you enjoy the most? And why?

If I have to choose only one fibre art, it would have to be weaving. I love the meditative and tactile experience of it, I can really let go of everything and become completely immersed in the process. I also love that it challenges my brain and my design abilities. There are so many things you can do in a weave and so many incredibly unique fibers waiting to come to life.

What workshops have you got coming up?

Tonight is Craft Beer and Craft Night. Get crafty with a craft beer from Young Henrys while tying a tassel, making some pom poms and more to create a necklace, keyring, lariat or whatever your inspired to create.

Tomorrow come along to a Macrame and Martinny workshop. Enjoy a ‘Martinny’ and deli plater from Continental Deli Bar Bistro while learning the basic principles and techniques of macrame so that you can create your very own ‘one of a kind’ plant hanger.


Made by Me Workshop

Where: 68 May St, St Peters NSW 2044

Exhibition: Saturday 7 October – Saturday 14 October, 12pm - 6pm daily.

Workshops: Resin art, Pom pom and tassel garland, Craft Up Late workshop – Wine and weave, Craft beer craft night, Macrame and martini and Copper tooling.

Demonstrations: Fibre wrapping, Macrame, Resin art and Weaving.

Workshop bookings and demonstration times, more info online:

Words: Rebecca Doyle

Photos: Kylie Walsh