Textiles from Japan and chopsticks from Korea

Two new exhibitions are showcasing Asian craft traditions in a contemporary light – The Intuitive Thread and Feast of K-Chopsticks.

Curated by Kyoto-based Australian designer and educator Eloise Rapp, The Intuitive Thread at The Japanese Foundation features the works of four textile artists from across Japan. These are contemporary works that are grounded in slow, age-old processes.

Chiharu Ohgomori, Masako Kikuchi, Chiho Sasaki and Misako Nakahira each explore new forms of expression through processes such as natural dyeing, tapestry weaving, katazome printing and boro patchwork.

The resulting exhibition showcases the respect for natural materials and traditional Japanese processes that exists in the work of contemporary artists working today.

Spanning relics, artefacts and handicrafts, Feast of Chopsticks at the Korean Cultural Centre explores the humble chopsticks, these everyday implements used by around 30 per cent of the global population.

The exhibition features chopsticks of various shades and colours, from earthy designs using materials found in nature, to use of eco-friendly non-toxic materials, such as silicon and corn.

Offering an insight into the craft of making chopsticks, the exhibition features a range of designs that vary from country to country and according to local cuisine and cooking traditions.


The Intuitive Thread: 24 August - 27 October 2018

The Japan Foundation, Sydney, Level 4, Central Park Building, 28 Broadway, Chippendale

Feast of Chopsticks: 10 October - 9 November 2018
Korean Cultural Centre Australia, 255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney




Images: Cotton dress by Takarajima Senkou. Photo: Courtesy The Japan Foundation, Sydney; Lee Gyu-nam, Sonata of pebbles, Varnishing with lacquer. Photo: Courtesy Korean Cultural Centre Australia