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Craft Up Late 2023

18 September 2023

Looking for something fun and different for a social night out? Coming up over selected nights, Sydney Craft Week presents Craft Up Late, a chance to explore some of the best of handmade Sydney via galleries, shops, artists’ studios and more after dark.

Inner City Suburbs: Tuesday 10 October, 6 – 8pm
Eastern and Northern Sydney: Wednesday 11 October 6 – 8pm
Inner West: Thursday 12 October, 6 – 8pm

Plan your Craft Up Late evening now checking out what’s on in your local area.

Inari Kiuru, Eye, the beholder (detail), 2023 Photo: John-Paul Pochin, through The Suter Art Gallery, Nelson

Inner City Suburbs

Tuesday 11 October 5-8pm


Australian Design Centre is opening late so you can view four new exhibitions, enjoy a glass of wine and join a conversation about the shopfront exhibition Remade/Reloved.

Curator Bridget Kennedy and contemporary jewellery artists Kirsten Junor and Melinda Young, talk about how they remade broken and discarded costume jewellery into new wearable works. Free event. Book here.

Visit the exhibitions MAKE Award, Deep Material Energy II, Remade-Reloved, Studio 63 with Ebony Russell and Alexandra Standen and browse Object Shop.


Visit Korean Cultural Centre's exhibition Kwangho Lee: Cutting Lines. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of creativity with the remarkable works of South Korean designer Kwangho Lee. This stunning exhibition showcases Lee's approach to exploring the potential of different materials and their properties through the medium of 3D printing.

Deborah Burdett, Stitching detail. Photo: Courtesy the artist

Eastern and Northern Sydney

Wednesday 11 October 5-8pm

Meet the makers at Barometer Gallery with their exhibition Transform: shirts reimagined showing repurposed, transformed, manipulated or recreated shirts into a unique artwork.

Visit UNSW Galleries to see Provenance Renee So’s first major exhibition in Australia presenting over a decade of Renee So’s artmaking and featuring a series of newly commissioned works.

Join Arterie co-founder Deborah Burdett in her own studio for 3 hours of slow stitching, a chat and a cuppa for Stitch-TIME.

Maggie Hensel-Brown, Pink Rinse, 2021. Photo: courtesy the artist

Hear Maggie Hensel-Brown talk about her exhibition Thread Through and lace making, historical and contemporary at Art Bau Gallery

Visit Textiles Sydney at Primrose Park Art and Craft Centre Before and After exhibition and a night of mindful making during Mental Health Month.

Taking Time: Creating Crafting Communities and Crafting with Community talk with Jane Theau, Bridget Kennedy and Jean Kropper discussing the dividends from investing time to create communities of like minded crafters.

Check out Ridge St Window Gallery exhibition highlighting the creativity of groups working at Primrose Park Art and Crafts Centre.

Discover Greensleaves (Greening Our City) a yarn-storm installation project located in locations around Brett Whitely Place, North Sydney.

An orange leather handbag and satchel on a grey chair decorated with orange dried flowers

Inner West

Thursday 12 October 6-8pm

Reflections of Time is a new exhibition by Craft NSW showing their unique diversity of time-honoured skills.

Looking for craft inspiration? Visit Fibre Art in Australia Shop and Studio and browse their large selection of products or partake in a workshop.

Join the conversation around the The Art of Leather - Sustainable or Arguable? a panel of artists working in leather for a free discussion about the place of leather as a material in a modern fashion and craft world.

Punch a Portrait Frida, 2023. Photo: Rebecca Doyle

Learn the fundamentals of Art Kintsugi method with Mindful Making Art Kintsugi workshop

Join STEAMpop at Scratch Art Space for theirThree Ring Circus hands-on-workshop exploring the beauty of circular forms as expressed in the great tradition of circus performance.

Join Liz Williamson for her Open Studio and sale for insights into her practice, demonstrations of weaving on a floor loom and a discussion on the time involved in weaving and handmade work.

Grab your friends for a fun night out capturing a moment in time with punch-needled self-portrait workshop hosted by Made by me Workshop.

Lisa Shepherd, Cyanotype Workshop. Photo: Courtesy the Artist

INTO-ARTS Studio + Gallery are hosting a series of workshops inspired by nature, and 'craft up late' night events over the ten day festival period in addition to Lisa Shepherd's, solo exhibition Floriography - The Secret Language.

Craft Up Late evening events include cyanotype printing, sewing, Kurinuki ceramics, acrylic painting, printmaking classes with Little Rowan Redhead, collaborative interactive nature drawing and mindfulness classes, jewellery making and more.

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Top images (l-r): Hagar, Art Kintsugi . Photo: Dave Sheerman. Lyttleton Stores Collective evening event. Photo: Lyttleton Stores Collective.